Monday, November 29, 2010

Rose Water as Toner for Dry Skin- ANY type of skin!

Once I hit puberty and started getting a lot of pimples, my Indian mom suggested that I use Rose Water to wipe my face every couple of hours using a cotton pad. She used to buy me Rose Water (very similar to what’s pictured above) that was contained in a glass bottle with a metallic screw-on lid. 

I am not sure when and how I forgot about this age old recipe… probably ever since I came to the US :) The climate here is different. My face doesn’t get sweaty/sticky anymore. Anyway, even though I am no longer a teenager (actually 26 now), recently I started getting a lot of pimples. LUSH’s Herbalism and Grease Lightning, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil line and pure Tea Tree Oil have helped me a lot recently. All the big pimples are gone now.

Mom brought up Rose Water again. I promptly got a bottle from the International Store near my place…I was looking for an India-made Rose Water (which is what I have always used). Unknowingly, I bought a bottle of 100% pure rose water by Cortas (Made in Lebanon) for only $1.99. Yes, $1.99 only. On Amazon, it sells for $5.50~. I didn’t know that Lebanon makes some of the best :) This bottle is really fragrant. I simply love it!

How to use it?

If you have dry skin like I do (or even if you have oily or normal skin), try using this as a skin freshener. Simply wet a piece of cotton wool w/ rose water and wipe your face. Let your face air dry. You’ll love the cooling sensation. Rose water is excellent as a light cleanser and a natural toner. You can also dilute it with water and store it in a spritzer to use as a face mist :) Rose water helps restore the pH balance of your skin. It makes dry skin less dry and oily skin less oily! Best of all, it’s natural :)


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